A Sustainable Future

Our vision is to divert used disposable nappies from landfill, so that we can make a positive impact on our environment. 

Our mission is to recycle diapers in small commercially viable plants, strategically located to meet customer needs.


We are recycling diapers / nappies

Billions of diapers go to landfill each year, taking up to several hundred years to break down, releasing toxic leachates along with greenhouse gases, negatively impacting our planet.

Seeking to improve sustainability and make a positive environmental impact, DiaperRecycle has created a solution for this global waste problem.

We have developed a prototype plant that confirms that nappies can be recycled sustainably, demonstrating that the scaled technology is viable. This is underpinned by the production of competitively positioned high quality products which will be delivered into existing product markets.


Our Services


Recycling Pickup

Logistics are in planning

Nappy Recycling

Diverting nappies from landfill and developing new products

Cat Litter

Sales of first products will be available online


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