Our Team

Professionals who are making a difference

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Clarke Kelland

Project & Technology Commercialization Manager


Clarke has had a long career in the pulp and paper industry, including manufacture of diaper fluff pulp. He has previously developed innovative waste treatment processes for the Forest Products Industries.

As the leading force behind this company, Clarke is the key developer of the recycling technology and the recycled product. He has a Bachelor of Chemical & Materials Engineering and an MBA (Technology Management).

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Cynthia Wallis Barnicoat

Wallis has worked in the not for profit sector for years and has a strong desire to do good through creating both social and environmental impact. Working closely with Clarke, she manages the business development, stakeholder relationships, product testing, marketing and sales.

She has experience and qualifications in leadership, business, marketing, Museum Studies and Social Investment and Philanthropy.

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Oliver Kelland

Technical Engineer & Process Manager


Oliver is a qualified mechanic and Civil Engineer. His skills enable him to design equipment, design our recycling plants, and implement the plant installation.

Additionally, he has experience maintaining and modifying equipment, as well as developing new process tools for recycling and product development.